Vinyl Heat transfer

What is it, how does it work, and what is it best for?

So let's get right down to the pros and cons of Vinyl Heat Transfer. Vinyl shirt printing is best for 1-2 color designs such as text or simple graphics of small quantities. Need to print personalized custom jerseys for your team? Excellent! Vinyl heat transfer is perfect for this exact project. First, each color is separated and each vinyl color from your design is loaded into the Vinyl Cutting Machine. The machine cuts your design into the vinyl and the rest is picked and peeled away leaving only your design. This is then heat transfered to the apparel of your choice. This process has to be repeated for every single item individually. Therefore, this work is very detailed and time consuming, but the result is outstanding! 

1. Good for small quantities
2. Bright colors and different finishes could be achieved by using specialty vinyl such as glitter, mirror, chrome and much more! 
3. Long lifespan - no cracking or fading. Please follow our care instructions to maximize lifespan
4. Quick turnaround
5. No set up costs or any additional fees. All prices calculated depending on vinyl finish chosen and size of design.

1. Not good for sensitive fabric and some restrictions on dark shades
2. Not the best option for large quantities since each one is done separately (one by one) so there is no quantity discount. 
3. Not good for intricate designs of multiple colors 

 If your design is more intricate, has a lot of colors, and/or you need a large quantity, then vinyl heat transfer is not the best option. Instead, check out our Screen Printing option for this type of project. Not sure? No problem! Contact us and we'll help you find the best solution. 

Create Stencil

Cutting machine cuts design into the vinyl


Extra vinyl is picked out leaving only the design

Prep Vinyl Design

Ready cut out vinyl is prepped for heat transfer only works with the best equipment on the market to bring you quality work. Current vinyl machinery is provided by Roland and Insta Graphic Systems. Print on anything from apparel to accessories such as hats, bags and much more!